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What about a semblance that nullifies all abilities?

YOOOOOOOOokay that’s actually really cool but honestly

everyone has a weapon that’s almost always also a gun

i think a semblance that nullifies others would be helpful, but not necessarily devastating? i mean really pyrrha can still beat the shit out of people without it, not to mention almost everyone else in the show. 

it’s a really cool idea though, that’s for sure!

so tumblr user thatdrumstickkid pointed out that i missed a grand opportunity so here it is

really pyrrha should be the one in fear because shes just making yang more stronger and more angry

yes that’s a good point i ACTUALLY didn’t think about that until  someone commented about it on my post

to be fair though yang can definitely engage her semblance as a result of that BUT pyrrha could keep throwing her off using the gauntlets and misdirecting her aim and such

in any case both of them have strengths against one another and this really was just a doodle and i didn’t think it out that well i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 days ago//1
that comic is amazing because of yang's sembalance. like would she go all super saiyan on pyrrah's ass? blast up into the sky like a bamf yelling some stupid pun only for pyrrah to use her sembalance to levitate her 2 meters in the air and not let her down? the possibilities are endless.


i now have a very strong urge to go and draw yang in super saiyan mode floating in midair as pyrrha laughs maniacally on the ground

so I was thinking of how it would go if Yang and Pyrrha were to spar and all I could think of was this










i killed a micron doing this

3 days ago//11

fatal-dreams replied to your post: Anyone want to help me with my illustr…

What’s your project and idea?

… okay I’m actually still finelining ideas, so I can’t show anything yet. I should have sketches up soon, though, so I’ll be sure to send them to you when they’re ready! Sorry for not having clarified that :s

3 days ago//1

ink-bug replied to your post: Anyone want to help me with my illustr…

I would like to hear what it is :^) I might not get back to you until later today though.

that’s fine! I’m actually still working on sketches and details for the idea, so I can’t send anything yet (maybe in an hour or two). But I’d really appreciate any sort of feedback on it, so it’s fine if it’s later :D

3 days ago//2
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Anyone want to help me with my illustration project? Need feedback over whether or not an idea makes sense. 

edit: i should probably have specified i’m still working on it. I’ll need feedback later in the day… probably in an hour or two!

As artists, we strive for perfection. But the truth is, there is no such thing as perfection in the world of art. No matter what, we can always find a flaw in our own work, something to improve on. Being an artist means sleepless nights, starting over, swearing loudly, trying again and again and again – and at the end of it all, we will still see room for improvement: a messed up hand, a wonky perspective, a misdrawn eye. The truth is, we will never be perfect. But that is what makes art into art – it is always a journey of improvement, a need to get better. And if we ever consider our art to be perfect, then that is when we stop being artists.

—Something my prof said to us today.