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i am completely unsurprised that someone actually decided to give caliborn a premium membership on deviantart

this fandom never ceases to be completely predictable in its lack of logical decision making

what better way to attempt and get a lot of work done than to add rum to the equation

(also sorry for the lack of art lately; busy with school projects and i just got a job that’ll be taking up the majority of my spare time)

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Sun Wukong having ADHD is a headcanon of mine that I have, but I honestly feel like I have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about concerning it. I sort of alluded to it in a previous headcanon post of mine (which I CAN’T FIND)

People who know more about it can correct me.

But here’s why:

  • Sun knowing parkour because he can’t sit still and needing a way to use his energy and look awesome while doing it
  • Sun using/engineering an insane weapon like a Bo staff/Nunchaku/Shotguns with finesse
  • Sun showing up on a ship completely separate from his teammates because he got so preoccupied with a to-do list or something similar that he forgot to board the same boat as his team and they didn’t realize he wasn’t on the boat until they already departed
  • Sun being super excitable and chattery and his “wild” storytelling style (Volume 2, Chapter 1; Volume 2, Chapter 4)
  • Sun looking onto the Beacon food fight in awe and excitement and saying “I love these guys” because it’s nice to see that he’s not the only one that causes a little mayhem when he’s hype
  • Sun being unscathed from the food fight because he was probably CONSTANTLY MOVING
  • Sun repeatedly shown getting separated from his teammates on a regular basis because maybe he gets absent minded and someone/something else takes his focus (like Blake, for example) His team is used to it.
  • Sun being the leader of his team because of his unconventional, but rapid-fire thought processing in the heat of battle

Yooo, I like this headcanon. Maybe also:

  • Sun forgetting to sleep because he gets so caught up in some activity or another.
  • Sun having dozens of unfinished pet projects and constantly switching between working on them in his spare time, but never seeming to finish any
  • Sun being a surprising neat freak, everything meticulously organized. If only because he has too much energy to let clutter pile up

ADHD represent!

I’m in love with this headcanon because it’s so rare to see characters being thought of with ADHD and it’s fantastic so:

I’m sorry I wrote a lot, but characters with ADHD are SO important to me (there’s a reason i also headcanon Yang with it)

I like having ADHD. There I said it. Downvote me all you want, I don’t care.
ADHD MAKES ME WHO I AM. That is the advantage. It’s hard to put into words, it just makes me ME.
ADHD gives me a quirky personality that, while it annoys some and caused me to get bullied in elementary school, many people love it about me. I say funny things all the time because I don’t care and speak impulsively. I’m anything but boring.
ADHD gives you a unique way at viewing the world, and there is now scientific evidence that people with ADHD are more creative and are better at thinking outside the box.
And don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely experienced the whole enchilada of ADHD downsides. School failure, social rejection, comorbidities, etc. But now that I’m diagnosed, the future looks bright, and I’m now going to be able to tackle the downsides of ADHD while still keeping the upsides.
The thing is, everybody has problems. Everybody has something about them that is “ruining their life”. Nobody lives the perfect american dream. But if I had to pick something to be my problem, I’d pick ADHD, because atleast it has character ;)
You’re not going to be able to tackle this ADHD thing until you learn to embrace it


ADHD is a disorder, it is real. It has also been linked to depression in. 3% of these cases do not grow out of it (like my self) and…wait for it… 1/3 OF ADHD SUFFERERS HAVE DEPRESSION OR ANXIETY PROBLEMS. Yay for statistics.

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this week might be a little slow - i’ve got a lot i WANT to draw, and tons of ideas waiting around to be finished. Inktober project is also underway, but you won’t get to see that until the end of the month (you’ll see why). But right now I’ve got a midterm coming up, as well as several big project keystones due this week, so i’ll be pretty busy with that. I should find time to do some art, but nothing major. Sorry guys!

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