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finally finishing up a project today… hopefully i’ll get it done in time to post tomorrow. look forwards to it!


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llmx replied to your post “Alright sorry for the lack of art lately - I’ve just started working…”



Alright sorry for the lack of art lately - I’ve just started working at the CNE, so it’s been crazy busy and I haven’t even really had time to doodle, much less actually make something worthwhile. I should be back with something within the week, though, just in case anybody’s wondering!

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i really wanna learn how to draw like you, but i just wasnt born with it any advice on how to get started and stuff like that?

Okay first can I just say that this is one of the most flattering asks I’ve ever gotten? Like, ever. Alright, now that that’s been said, onto the answer! To be honest I’m not entirely sure what your question is asking - to draw like ME, or just start drawing. Guess I’ll talk about both!

In terms of drawing like me… I guess that would be my style? To be fair, my ‘style’ changes so frequently that I’ve never really been able to give it a name like realistic, cartoonish (or really just anything beyond anime). My style is kind of an amalgamation of my years of drawing, specifically the last two, and changes every single time I draw. I can generally aim towards the opposite ends of the style spectrum - real or anime - but beyond that, I’m not too specific.

So I’m really not sure how to draw like me! The best advice I can give is to develop your own style - which can come through just drawing different things, or even using other artists as inspiration. Try drawing the way other artists do - you probably won’t get it exactly the same as them (kudos to you if you do) but you’ll at least be able to start forming a style of your own. 

As for getting started…. DRAW. That’s about it. Oh, and EXPERIMENT. The best advice I got from my high school art teacher was to draw EVERY day - I didn’t take him seriously until last summer, and then I realized just how large an impact drawing every day can have on your art. So get a sketchbook, keep it near, and draw whenever you feel the inspiration. It doesn’t matter WHAT you draw, so long as you actually do it! And never, EVER feel like you HAVE to show your drawings to anyone (I used to demand that of others until I realized how shitty it was to have it done to yourself).

And experiment. With paint, ink, pastel, collage - whatever floats your boat. Keep trying new things - don’t always just resign yourself to one thing; expand your horizons. You’ll discover skills you never knew you had! If money is an issue and you CAN’T try different mediums, then just try different ways of drawing. Experiment with composition, perspective, poses, styles, faces, angles… whatever. Just keep trying new things.

And when you hit a wall - every one does at some point in their artistic career - KEEP GOING. It’s really easy to get pulled into self doubt - I owe it to some of my closest friends for eventually helping me to see that my art WAS good - but you have to keep going. Never stop because something doesn’t work out. Keep working at it, and you’ll get it eventually. Even if you don’t, you’ll have learned that you have a weakness, and will be aware of it in the future. 

And, lastly, don’t compare your artwork to that of those around you! It took me a very long time to realize that everyone does art differently. Some start out with huge amounts of talent, and others with undiscovered potential. It’s very easy to see someone else’s art and think ‘wow, I’ll never be that good ’ - but the person who made it probably spent years to get to that point, and even thought the same things themselves at one point. So don’t get stuck thinking you can’t compare - keep working! You’ll improve, even if you don’t notice it. Believe me, even if you think your current art is bad, the you from five years ago will be blown away by it (or would be, if it were possible to show them).

Wow, I wrote a ton (tends to happen when I find something I can talk easily about). I honestly have more advice, but I think this is most important for just getting started… and I’d rather not drown out any other dashboards. My inbox is open though, if you ever want more advice! I guess I’ll leave you with something I saw recently that I always try to remember when times get rough:

Good luck! Draw, experiment… and always keep going.

and lastly, ren!

i think pyrrha has turned out the best so far

oversized hammer girl

okay i felt bad about jaune looking like an idiot so here have a cooler version

and team jnpr joins the fray